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About Us

WpSavers provides the best wordpress resources from all around the internet so that when you start a new blog, you can focus your energy on important stuff like writing great content and promoting it. Other stuff like which webhosting to go for, best wordpress plugins to have and the best wordpress theme – leave that to us!

WpSavers also brings to you great discounts and the best deals on all the services you need for your self hosted WordPress blog. So, overall WpSavers help you save your time and money while being with WordPress.

WpSavers is for everyone who uses WordPress – you could be a professional full time blogger, part time blogger, or just a starter – brand new to WordPress and just fired up your blog for the first time and are just now getting used to publishing your first posts to your blog with WordPress.  You can refer to the dedicated beginners section that we have, where we post the very basic information about WordPress.

WordPress is a great blogging tool – very easy to use – that anyone can use to set up a website and we, at WpSavers will make the process even simpler. We do this by sharing the best resources about WordPress Plugins, Themes and WP tips and tricks. Also, you will find more wordpress related information like wordpress tutorials, wordpress webhosting reviews.

Stay tuned for wordpress related resources like wordpress tutorials, wordpress webhosting reviews, and information on the best wordpress plugins and themes.

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